If being new in Bet365, it is better to create an account. New registered member is entitled to a welcome bonus. It is good news that the welcome bonus is not intended for a particular locale only. In fact, the welcome bonus depends on which countries you have been to. It will be different from the amount from one county to the other. So, better look for your location and check how much welcome bonus you can get, visit their website to learn more. Each customer is eligible for a particular amount of welcome bonus. To make it clear, there is a different amount of welcome bonus offered by Australia to the UK. It will be your luck if the locality you belong with has a big amount of welcome bonus compared to the others.

The importance of bonus code

If entering a site makes you win a big prize, never get mistaken on the instruction. Given bonus code for the new member should be typed in accurately. Once the bonus code is typed incorrectly, the welcome bonus can’t be claimed. Thus, it is very important to type and use the right promo code. But, in Bet365, there is nothing to worry if the promo code has mistakenly entered, you can still claim it. Welcome bonuses are entitled to the new customer. The only difficult to claim is a personalized bonus. So, new customers must be aware to be careful about the instructions are given for claiming it. Available bonuses for you is not easy to find out. It will be recorded to your account that can be easily browsed by accessing your account. Then, you can go through the bonus or rewards after logging in the account.

Download the Bet365 app and make a bet

The most common problem of bettors is how to bet easily. Bet365 made the betting easy for the customers. If a bettor has an Android or iOS mobile phone, so install the Bet365 app. This way, you are able to access the app and do the betting easily. In fact, this is the great work of technology today. If we use to travel before just to do betting, then there is a big difference from now. Anyone can bet without a need of going out of the house. The convenience of the house while betting can be possible with the Bet365 app. With a few clicks of the mobile phone and an internet connection, you are all set. It is the best sports betting app that is competing from the other betting apps today. After signing up, a customer can access the personal account through a mobile phone.