Player safety in online poker

Attending a live event or a visit to a gaming venue may involve being in a foreign environment without knowing the local language. Tourists participating in mass events often fall victim to local thieves and criminals. Most offenses involving players are crimes due to favorable circumstances and the theft of personal items. Travelers are also exposed to pickpockets operating in places popular with tourists, especially in places offering nightly entertainment. If you take a personal computer with you, remember that it can be a tasty morsel for thieves. This is not only because electronic equipment has value in itself, but it can also allow a hacker Poker Domino to access your accounts (e-mail, bank, online games, etc.). Therefore, please read the tips for traveling abroad prepared by the government of your country.

Computer hardware protection

Basic safety rules:

Lock your computer screen whenever you leave it. Windows: press the Windows logo button and the “L” key simultaneously. Mac computers: press Ctrl + Shift + Eject (or Cntl + Shift + Power in the absence of an optical drive).

  • Keep your laptop in a safe place and / or use a padlock.
  • Use full disk encryption. One of the free open source programs is TrueCrypt.
  • Use strong passwords and use the RSA token to provide additional security for your Stars account.
  • Use high-quality anti-virus software – you can find them at the Poker Stars VIP Store, for example.

Make sure your operating system is up-to-date – regularly download the patches provided by the manufacturer.

Treat your Stars account as money

Strong passwords, RSA tokens, and other similar security will be useless if you share them with third parties. Just as you wouldn’t give your bank card or PIN to anyone, don’t share your computer with anyone. Do not save passwords. Remember them or use a password manager. If you really need capsa boya to save them, use some code that will not be readable by a potential fraudster.

Response to a threat

 If this happens during a live poker tournament, notify the hotel security immediately. If the computer is not stopped by law enforcement officers, take it to a qualified security specialist for cleaning. Please remember that just changing your password/passwords is not enough. There is a risk that someone has installed a key-logger or other malware on your device that allows you to read the characters entered from the keyboard.

Make regular copies. Thanks to this, after cleaning your computer, you will be able to recover data, and the process of cleaning your computer and all accompanying circumstances will be less traumatic.

Consider the cost of the potential cleaning (or replacement) of your computer in relation to the cost of potential losses caused by someone gaining access to your Stars account or bank details.