What a Win That Strategy Helped

There are different ways of playing poker online, and one of them is the Poker Domino. It is one of the frenzies in the world of online gaming. Instead of cards, the players are given five tiles each, and whoever makes most pairs of fives is the winner. There is no such thing as black or double ones, the best hand are the fives.

It is very easy to bet, there is one round where the players can do the actions bet, call, fold, check or raise. There are no common tiles and they can be shown after betting and the lucky winner will the jackpot with the best tiles in hand.

Below are just some of the ways on how to increase your winnings in the game:

Play with a Bit of Tight, Play with a bit of Might

It may be time to switch up the game a little bit if you are not getting any good luck money when you are playing online. With many players being tight, they are an easy target for those who are more aggressive. And that is what you should be doing. It is good to be a bit tight, but it is better to give in a mix of aggression. Bluffing will give the other players a different target.

Poker Domino

Tilting the Other Players

Players give you more of their chips when you tilt them, and this means that you are getting under their skin. Raise your binds every time that certain player is also raising their blinds. When you bluff, it is important that you give them a peek of your cards. You can even keep the pressure up by sending them a message about your bluffing.

Play in an Environment Where You Feel Best

It would be an added point if you begin playing the game in an environment where you are not distracted. It will allow you to focus on playing the game. If you play while commuting or during work breaks, will you really be able to focus knowing that you have a time limit? Of course, when you are addicted then that would not matter to you (that is very unhealthy though). It does not matter if the television is on when you are playing if the noise keeps you on focus but stay in an environment that you believe works best.


Set your goals before you even log into your account. Your bankroll would not have much if you are playing poker online no matter how good of a player you are. No goals mean that you do not really have much going on for you. It is as if you do not care about whether you get a beating or not. And that is not one of your goals, correct?

Try out these strategies and you will find yourself in a great position once you play.