Sports betting terms & glossary 

Almost every new bettor confuse whenever he visits the sports betting site as he gets a lot of sports betting terms used there. So every bettor needs to learn the betting terms and glossary. It will help you to understand the betting rules and make it easy to place the bet. If you are a new bettor and have a little amount of money then you can visit our site and join us. We are one of the top betting sites which provide the feature of ฝากถอนไม่มีขั้นต่ํา.

Let us tell you, any bettor can take the advantage of ฝากถอนไม่มีขั้นต่ํา and win money with a small bankroll. These are few sports betting terms & glossary:

  • Arbitrage 

It refers to the purchase and the sale of a game but in a different market. It is done to make a profit with the unequal market prices of the bet.

  • Bankroll 

If you have played gambling games then you are familiar with the term bankroll. It refers to the amount that bettors put aside to play place bets of their choice.

  • Bookmaker 

You will get to hear the bookmaker often. He is a licensed person who takes wagers and helps the bettors to place bets by placing the betting lines.

  • Chalk 

The chalk is the word used by the bettors to denote the favored team.

  • Draw 

When the game ends with the exact point where the bettor place bet then it is said that the bet is a draw. In this situation, no one wins or loses the bet. Sometimes the match draws because of the bad weather condition, in this situation all the bets are drawn.

  • Hedge 

Some people don’t like to take a huge risk so they use hedging to limit their losses. But by using hedging you can also limit your profit, hedging is the safest method to place bets. When you place any bet then you can again place the bet against the first one. This adjustment is called hedging.

  • Juice 

The word juice use to refer to the tax paid by the bettor created by the sportsbook to place a wager. Generally, you will get 110 by the books, you have to win about 52.38% to reach the breakeven.

All these are few betting terms and you must have to learn to play gambling games. If you are a new bettor then feel free to visit our site and sign up with it. The best thing about our betting site is that we use very less and easy betting terms so that new bettors can easily understand.